John Zipperer & Honey Whiskey Trio

City Roots / Hope Lutheran Church, 6720 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

TWO GREAT MUSICAL ACTS plus delicious home-cooked dinner, drinks, desserts -- parking passes for Hollywood neighborhood, song circle to follow. $15 donation or whatever you can give for the artists. Here's a little info about the artists: Love, murder, whiskey, trains, stomping and laughter. That's what you get when you see Honey Whiskey Trio perform. Spanning the genres of americana, folk, jazz and bluegrass, the Honeys tell stories and strive to preserve the folk tradition while still giving the songs a "honey twist". With a foundation of vocal harmony, enhanced by guitar, bango, mandolin and body percussion, Honey Whiskey Trio has an inherent flexibility to their sound, captivating from the first breath to the last note. John Zipperer's clear voice, infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics reach fans in places that they didn’t know existed. Soon everyone is singing along, swaying, chair dancing, head bobbing, and clapping. Fans remark over and over about the joy that is evident when the band is on stage – joy in their playing, joy for their audience, joy from their audience. John Zipperer delivers a unique and refreshing blend of rock, folk, country and blues.