Woo Hooo Fourth year in a row show with Tracy and Tom. Always a blast. Get there early get a good seat.

My Friend Diana Weynand Just released this lovely song and video.
I hope you love it.
More about Diana:
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My Friend John Bergstrom is releasing a new CD!

I am very grateful and happy to announce that he has recorded "The Ballad of Micah McDowde" a song I wrote for my first CD. Thank you John!

Here are some thoughts from John Bergstrom About his new CD "Daybreak Moon"

Daybreak Moon 

My latest CD is entitled “Daybreak Moon.”  The fourteen tunes on it are sort of a musical wedding:  somethings old, somethings new, a couple borrowed, and a little bit of blues.  Included is “The Ballad of Micah McDowde.” "This song by John Zipperer struck me the first time I heard it."  One evening a couple of years ago, I was sharing a stage with John Zipperer and Friends at a coffee house in Palmdale, CA.  As part of their set, John performed “…Micah…”.  "Wow! What a powerful song."  It took me a couple more years to put my new CD together including John’s composition.   

My project, “Daybreak Moon,” has fourteen songs, mostly original.  The only other non-original is “Mexicali Rose,” from a Gene Autry movie in the 1930s.  Some of the originals are re-recorded performances from earlier projects, but the bulk are brand new.  “Daybreak Moon” will be on CDbaby and other internet outlets before too long, and will be available by mailing your order: 

$15 check to John Bergstrom at 27590 Olive Mill Court, Valencia, CA 91354.

Watch this space and we'll put the CD Baby info up when we have it. Thank you for checking in here at

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